The Ark in the Woods offers a comfortable, secluded getaway

The Ark in the Woods

The glamping pod, also known as The Ark, is uniquely insulated and is an excellent way to engage with the great outdoors all year round. The cosy wooden hut allows you to enjoy comfort and warmth while camping. The Ark has a decked area, providing the perfect platform to sit back and benefit from the tranquillity of the surroundings. The Ark offers more glamour than traditional forms of camping.

The Ark has been designed to eliminate noise. The insulation ensures the pod is warm in winter and cool in summer, to provide comfort in all weathers. The experience will enable you to enjoy and appreciate the sights and sounds of nature in a stylish and unique way.

The Ark’s clearing includes outdoor living kitchen and toilet facilities in addition to a picnic area and seating. This is a great spot to lay back and enjoy the birdsong.


£75 a night

Minimum 2 night stay

NO CAMP FIRES or BBQ’s allowed. If you would like a camp fire elsewhere, please ask where you can have one.

Think of staying in our Ark as a mix between woodland camping and staying in self catering accommodation, here’s a list of things we’d suggest to bring and what to leave at home to save space in the car (not an exhaustive list).

What’s there:

-Sink with running water,washing up liquid, a sponge and a washing up cloth.

-Bedding is a double futon bed and two single mattresses. Topper for double recommended for comfort.

-Kitchen and eating equipment such as a stove, pans, cutlery, plates, bottle opener etc. 

-Picnic table and seating

-Small Toilet hut with soap and toilet roll.

-A cool box. Freezer packs are available to freeze your own or hire in the reception / laundry area for a very small additional charge.

What to bring:

-Everything you would usually pack when staying in self catering accommodation i.e. clothes, toiletries, towels, food (no seasonings or oil provided), etc.

-Bedding: Bottom sheets, quilts and covers or sleeping bags, pillow cases.

-A good torch. We do have lighting in the area and a portable battery light but we highly recommend you bring your own too.

-20p’s for the showers in the toilet block.

-Warm clothes and hot chocolate for star glazing.


The Ark Poem:

(Written by Vicky)

Down the path, veer off to the right,

Through the natural covering and into the light,

To find a wooden structure in an open space,

Bringing you back to nature in this quant place,


The quietness of silence ringing loud in your ears,

Forget for a weekend, your worries, challenges and fears,

Whether an adventure, a reunion or simply getting away from it all,

Stood in front of you, is the ark, with the trees standing up tall,


There’s no tent to pitch and you won’t get soggy whilst you sleep,

However you can still call it camping, it’s a secret we’ll keep,

We don’t have wifi, it’s like having a few days in the past,

When conversation was king and conversing was a blast,


Baked beans and bacon in the morning are hard to beat,

And hot chocolate as night falls, oh what a treat,

If you’re lucky you’ll hear the birds sing to welcome a new day,

We hope you enjoy the your time in the Ark and have a lovely stay.