Our Bell Tents offer a comfortable, at one with nature, relaxing getaway

Our Furnished Glamping Bell Tents; Tan and Tethera

Tan and Tethera, named after the traditional Lincolnshire sheep-counting rhyme, sleep up to 4 people each. Both Bell Tents include one double and two single beds to accommodate the whole family. Tan and Tethera, are located at the end of our Rally field.

The private cornered off area is home to the two Bell Tents each with their own facilities of;

A double bed, Two single beds (with bedding), A fire pit, electric hook up, a toilet hut, a picnic table, outside kitchen with a stove, sink cooking and eating equipment.

Our larger toilet and shower block is about a 2-5 minute walk from the bell tents.


£75 a night (Min 2 Night stay)

Includes an electrical plug.

Think of staying in our bell tents as a mix between actual camping and staying in self catering accommodation, here’s a 

list of things we’d suggest to bring and what to leave at home to save space in

the car (not an exhaustive list).

What’s there:

-Sink with running water,washing up liquid, a sponge and a washing up cloth.

-Beds, (a double and two singles). Duvets, pillows and bed linen are provided.

-Kitchen and eating equipment such as a stove, pans, cutlery, plates, bottle opener etc. 

-Small Toilet hut with soap and toilet roll.

-Fire pit with one bin full of wood and some paper. (We suggest you bring fire lighters to make lighting the fire easier)

-A cool box. Freezer packs are available to freeze your own or hire in the reception / laundry area for a very small additional charge.

What to bring:

-Everything you would usually pack when staying in self catering accommodation i.e. clothes, toiletries, towels, food (no seasonings or oil provided), etc.


-A good torch. We do have lighting around the bell tents and a portable battery light but we highly recommend you bring your own too.

-20p’s for the showers in the toilet block.

-Fire lighters, for fire pit (see above). Charcoal for BBQ.

-Suitable footwear for camping in a grass field, i.e. wellingtons when it’s a bit wet outside.


Our Unfurnished Basic Glamping Bell Tents; The Imp and Tennyson.

Both named after Lincolnshire historic figures. The Lincoln Imp, which can be seen on the Cathedral is also a nick name for Lincoln City Football Club and a famous Lincolnshire Victorian Poet, Lord Tennyson.

They will be situated on the near end of the rally field (i.e closest to the toilets and play area), see map (link to map). They will be not be fenced off but will have a generous amount of room around them to park and feel at home.

Each bell tent is a traditional 5 metres round tent with a suitable indoor tent flooring. The tents are empty so you can personalise your camping experience by bringing your own comfy blow up beds etc and make the space your own without packing and putting up a tent (please see what to bring below).


£40 a night. No minimum night stay.

What to bring:

Think of staying in our basic bell tents as camping but without having to take the tent, so you can make the space as luxurious or as basic as you like (not an exhaustive list).

Some tips on the kind of things we’d pack:

-Everything you would usually pack when camping i.e. clothes, toiletries, towels, food (no seasonings or oil provided), etc.

-Beds (or mats) and Bedding: Sleeping bags, or quilts, pillows, blankets etc.

-Seating for eating dinner.

-A good torch. 

-20p’s for the showers in the toilet block.

-A fire pit and wood. This must be off the ground and obviously no where near the bell tent – we have bricks on site you can borrow to put underneath.

-Cool Box. We have freezer blocks you can borrow or freeze your own for a very small charge.

-Suitable footwear for camping in a grass field, i.e. wellingtons when it’s a bit wet outside.