Access Statement for Lincolnshire Lanes 

Camp Site:

Our camp site is all on one level and very flat with lots of space. We have one disabled toilet that has a low toiler and sink and a red lead to pull for attention. This toilet can be opened by calling 07850679189 if you are unable to open yourself.

Log Cabins:

We have 2 log cabins with ramp access



Parking opposite log cabins  on level ground to ramp.

Main entrance and Reception:

  • Please call us 10 minutes before arrival and we will make sure your arrival is as convenient as possible. 
  • There is a map half way up the lane and on our website that details where facilitates are.
  • There is a ramp with a handrail up to the front door

Public areas – Hals, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc:

The cabin is all on one floor with no stairs.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas:

There is not a huge amount of room in our bedrooms for wheelchairs.


Bath with shower over.

Self-catering kitchen:

Gas cooker, Fridge, Freezer all at a level wheelchairs could access.

If you have any access questions about our log cabins please call us on 07827818094