Lincolnshire Lanes site is a rural family run camping and glamping site tucked away in a small hamlet called East Firsby, run by Robert & Rosemary.

As of 2021, their daughter Vicky will be helping out so you may also get communication from her.

A few fun facts about Lincolnshire Lanes Camp Site:

  • Robert’s grandfather bought the farm and land in 1936, that’s 85 years ago! 
  • The log cabins are named after famous yellow bellies: Sir Issac Newton ( who formulated the laws of motion and gravity) and Sir Arthur Sims (a famous cricketer). Robert’s mother’s maiden name was Newton, and when traced back it looks like there could be an ancestral connection.
  • The Bell Tents are named after the old fashioned Lincolnshire way of naming sheep : Yan, Tan, Tethera, Pethera etc. See wikipedia.
  • Robert sold Christmas trees to the general public for many years, with people coming near and far to dig up their own tree, hence why there are many gorgeous tall conifer trees around the site.
  • If you see a flag flying in the family field, this could be for many reasons, including St George’s Day, The Queens Birthday, or a campers birthday. Please let Robert know in advance if you would like the flag flying or someone in your party’s birthday or other special occasion.
  • In 2021 we started to invite food vans to our site and in 2022 it really kicked off with different food vans on site most weekends in high season including: crepes, wood fire pizza, curry, burgers and coffee and milkshakes.