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Lincolnshire Lanes Campsite Pricing

Item Price per night

Up to 2 Adults, 2 Children (0-6 YO)


Up to 2 Adults, 2 Children (0-6 YO)

Trailer Tent 

Up to 2 Adults, 2 Children (0-6 YO)

Backpack Tent £10
Additional Adult (inc. Visitors) £2
Additional Car £2
Electric Hookup £4
Electric after 12:00 on the last day £4
Each dog £1
Awnings £2 (Porch awning £1)

Special Offer: 7th night free. (Just £4 electric, if applicable to be paid)


Click here to Check camp site availability and Book online. (Please read below blurb** in full before booking a caravan / camping pitch online).

**MAP: Please use the map above to see which pitch you would like to pitch up on, this is especially important if you would like to book as a group and be on pitches next to each other. You will need to book each pitch separately, however please use the same name when booking or put a note on booking so we are aware you are all together. 

PAYMENT: We do NOT ask for payment before arrival for pitches (except bank holidays, see below). Therefore we do ask if you need to cancel your pitch please do this ideally 7 days before you are due to visit, you can do this by emailing or phoning us.

Please make your booking as accurate as possible i.e. add awnings, extra cars where necessary. However if you do need to make changes to your booking, please let us know when you are paying when on site.

BANK HOLIDAYS: For Bank Holidays, the minimum stay is 3 nights and we do ask that you pay the full amount when booking online. This is due to high demand at these times. Although we ask you to book as accurately as possible, you can add / remove extras on site – if you are removing extras we may ask for proof you no longer need said extra. You will then either pay us (preferably in cash) for the change to circumstance or receive a refund for that extra.

SMALL TENTS: The booking rate option for a smaller / backpack tent is not available online, however, do not worry. Please just book a family tent and let us know at your visit, this is the unit type you are in – We do not take payment until arrival to site anyway (not online, unless BH) so this shouldn’t matter. 

WHICH PITCH?: Most of our pitches have electric hook up, therefore if you do NOT need electric hook up please select a pitch that is a “Non elec” pitch. On the flip side, please do not select a “non elec” pitch and add electric as an extra, as this pitch will not have electric hook up on site.

Booking pitches through our website is new to us. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to give us a call. Otherwise Book away.**

Available all year round.

Rosemary, Romany Gypsy Caravan Pricing

Just £50 per night.

Check Availability and Book Now

Available from March through to October.


The Ark, Glamping Pod Pricing

Only £55 per night, inclusive of electric.

Check Availability and Book Now

Available from March through to October.


Tan and Tethera, Glamping Bell Tents Pricing

Only £55 per night.

Check Availability and Book Now

Available from May through to September.


Arthur Sims and Isaac Newton, Self-Catering Log Cabins

Check Availability, Prices and Book Now

*Please note that the Log Cabins require a minimum stay of two nights. Therefore, when checking availability, please ensure you search for two or more nights for the Self-Catering Log Cabins to appear in your search results.

Available all year round.