*Our site has been closed since the 23rd March 2020 to all customers, due to the Covid – 19 outbreak*

We are now happy to announce we have had the red light from the government to re-open on the 4th July.

We have filled in a risk assessment with our accreditation board and are following all government guidelines that have been released on 24th June:


Please see below  a summary of changes we have implemented on our site (this list is not an exhaustive list and may be added to where necessary):

  • Electronic welcome packs containing lots of information regarding Covid19, arrival and departure info, facility information, places of interest etc will be sent out to customers via email before they arrive to site. We will try and send these at least one week prior to arrival.
  • Our toilet and shower blocks will be open with the below guidelines:
    • One person per block allowed in at one time or one family unit, i.e in the female toilets a female and her child/children.
    • Social distances measures must be adhered to.
    • Hand santiser has been placed at the entrance of each toilet block, please use when entering and exiting the facilities.
    • Our male toilet block has been split into two different blocks, please treat each entrance as a toilet block with above rules.
    • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Shower curtains have been removed.
    • Extra anti-bacteria spray will be placed around, please help us out by wiping down surfaces after you have use the facilities.
    • Cleaning schedules and checklists will be visible to our customers in each toilet block.
  • Our children’s play area has had to be closed off.
  • Our reception area hut will be open with the following guidelines:
    • One person to be served at once.
    • On a sunny day a chain will be across the hut and we will serve you over the chain, however in bad weather one person may enter the reception hut but must not pass the tape on the floor.
    • Please bring your booking forms with you, this will mean you will not need to fill in another one once on site. You will add your car registration to this form, as we need this information for our licence. If you do not bring the booking form with you, you can take a booking form that will be hanging on the reception door and fill in on your pitch and bring back once complete.
    • We will still have a small selection of essentials in our shop, these may included wrapped sweets. Our penny sweet tuck shop will sadly be no more.
    • Card and cash will both be accepted. Cash payments must be over £10.
  • We are lucky that our pitches are quite wide, therefore please ensure when you pitch up that your unit or facilities are not within 2m of the unit next to you.
  • Glamping units and log cabins will:
      • Have an in depth cleaning checklist and schedule that will be available to customers (upon arrival / in welcome pack)
      • Increased time between bookings to aid deep cleaning between visitors. Minimum of 28 hours between each visitors.

We trust that all customers follow the above rules, so we all can have an enjoyable and safe rest of the summer!

Thank you, Stay Alert, Lincolnshire Lanes.